Server Relocation


The brief

Our client needed to relocate one of its POP's from Manchester to Kent. All equipment, comprising of 90 devices, were required to be decommissioned, transported and recommissioned. Due to the nature of our clients business, a dedicated server and colocation host, downtime had to be kept to a minimum.

The relocation

server equipment relocationOur client provided a full audit of all equipment which was being relocated. Aside from a handful of devices, everything was to be re-racked in Kent. The relocation was carried out overnight to reduce the impact of downtime. Our team arrived on site one hour before the servers could be powered off. The team made ready the server flight cases and any packaging materials, before labelling all devices. This ensured that we would identify the device and its new rack destination at the new site staright away. As with most tasks, the greater the preparation the smoother the execution.

At the agreed time, we checked with the client for the green light to proceed. As the cabling was removed and placed into crates, the engineers at the front of the racks began de-racking the servers and associated rack mount rails. These were then packed, protected by anti-static bubble wrap, into our server flight cases.

The team travelled direct to the new location in Kent, keeping the client informed of timings. Upon arrival we wasted no time re-racking the servers.

The relocation was a success, completed both to schedule and to budget.

The client

Managed Server/ Colocation provider

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Thank you and your team for a professional job. Internally the move has been hailed a success, so good news all round. Thanks again

— ICT Operations Manager - HDC

Thanks to your team, the de-commission and relocation of our hardware from our UK sites was a complete success

— Service Delivery Manager - TUI

A huge thanks to your team, you all did a cracking job. The fact I could send emails straight away, is testament to the quality and thoroughness of your work, and the professional way you conducted the project

— Operations Director - HCI

A big thank you for assisting us with our server relocation project over the weekend. We were very impressed with the flexibility to changes on the day, and have no hesitation using Ace IT Relocation in the future

— IT Director - MJG
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