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Ace are specialists in the relocation of IT equipment

We move IT in London the UK and Europe

Ace IT relocate servers for every size of business and then reinstalls them. Let our team of dedicated IT professionals decommission and physically move your data centre equipment to a new location.

Ace IT Relocation is based in the South East of England, this makes moving IT equipment to and from the heart of the city of London, the financial district, and the UK’s data centres in Slough easy for us, as they are all near.

We have a team of trained data cabling installers to rewire your building, provide office IT relocation services, and take care of the secure disposal of IT equipment for you.

After Brexit, many firms planned to relocate or co-locate their IT infrastructure to the continent. We have the expertise and hands-on experience in IT removal, transportation, and re-installation (as well as a range of associated services), making us ideally positioned to help.

Moving servers to a new data centre or large server room environment?
Data Centre Relocation
Expert Moving Service
Servers, Storage & Network equipment de-commissioned, de-racked, transported and then re-installed
Server Room Relocation

We are a dedicated team of IT experts

We specialise in the removal and re-installation of IT equipment and related services.

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We work for them

Some of the companies we have helped to move data centres and server equipment for in the past.

We work with companies big and small. No matter if it’s just a single server or a whole data centre that needs to be moved.

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