Horsham Council Case Study

The brief

To save the cost of building a new data centre for its servers, our client decided to host its equipment in a nearby, newly built, local government data centre. 30 servers, were required to be decommissioned, transported and recommissioned.

The relocation

We attended a couple of meetings with our client prior to the move to answer any queries regarding the relocation process and to ensure that any last minute changes were fully communicated. The client provided a full audit of the servers being relocated, and required us to only reconnect power and KVM connections at the destination.

On the day of the move our team arrived on site thirty minutes early to prepare the server flight cases and any packaging materials.

Once the client gave the clearance to start our team began de-racking the servers and associated rack mount rails, including some very heavy SUN servers and SAN devices. These were then packed, protected by anti-static bubble wrap, into our server flight cases.

The destination was only a very short drive away. Upon arrival our engineers unpacked and re-racked the servers. New power cables were provided for us to connect, along with new KVM modules.

The relocation was successfully carried out in about three hours from start to finish.

The client

Local Authority

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