Horsham Council Case Study

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Horsham Council Case Study

30 servers were required to be decommissioned, transported, and recommissioned

The Client

Horsham district council required our server relocation services.


The Brief

To save the cost of building a new data centre for its servers, our client decided to host its equipment in a nearby, newly built, local government data centre. 30 servers, were required to be decommissioned, transported, and recommissioned.

The Relocation

We attended a couple of meetings with our client prior to the move to answer any queries regarding the relocation process and to ensure that any last-minute changes were fully communicated. The client provided a full audit of the servers being relocated, and required us to only reconnect power and KVM connections at the destination.

On the day of the move our team arrived on site thirty minutes early to prepare the server flight cases and any packaging materials.

Once the client gave the clearance to start our team began de-racking the servers and associated rack mount rails, including some very heavy SUN servers and SAN devices. These were then packed, protected by anti-static bubble wrap, into our server flight cases.

The destination was only a very short drive away. Upon arrival our engineers unpacked and re-racked the servers. New power cables were provided for us to connect, along with new KVM modules.


The relocation was successfully carried out in about three hours from start to finish.


Ace IT Relocation – We are also happy that a relatively straight forward move was completed as planned without any issue.


A typical move of servers from one location to another carried out by our professional team of relocation experts for a local government department.

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When you have a mission-critical IT process or task that needs completing, the first thing that is essential to think about maintaining the smooth operation of an organisation. When information technology and the utility infrastructure needs moving, replacement, or surveying talk to Ace IT relocation Ltd. We have a team that you can trust with your business-critical tasks that are critical for the long-term success and survival of your company.

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A project manager and relocation team of IT removals specialists ensure that your IT equipment is relocated in an organised way, without problems, so that your company experiences minimal downtime and disruption when moving. We will oversee all aspects of the project, from the initial site surveys, production of documentation through to execution and completion of the project. We adopt PRINCE 2 project management processes and procedures, combined with our years of industry experience performing seamless moves.
Our Experience
From moving Desktop PC's, Laptops, Peripherals, and free-standing Printers as part of an office move, Server relocation, Storage Arrays, or network infrastructure as part of a server relocation or entire data centre migration, we know and are experienced, so can guarantee a successful relocation project every time. As our core business, we have a daily presence in many UK based Data Centres. We are the best people to talk to if you need assistance with any type of IT relocation service.
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Mitigating any risk of tampering during transit, we transport and protect your IT and telecommunications equipment in our dedicated GPS tracked air ride vehicles. Comprehensive insurance provided for every project has no upper limits on the values of equipment. All hardware's packed into trade-specific custom-built flight cases, secured with security tags and padlocks, removed upon delivery at the destination environment.

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