Multicom Case Study

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Multicom Case Study

8 Rack relocations. Safehosts to NGD Newport

The Client

Multicom are a leading UK provider of software solutions to the travel industry. Multicom use the knowledge and experience they have gained after more than 20 years working with their clients to create solutions that are both innovative and practical. The solutions Multicom creates support their clients’ growth and provide them with the tools that make managing their activities easier.

Multicom work with businesses throughout the travel industry including agents and OTS’s, tour operators, airlines, accommodation providers and more. They are trusted by many of the biggest brands in the industry to deliver high quality solutions including TUI, Thomas Cook and Low Cost Holidays. Multicom’s “FindandBook” system is currently the most popular UK leisure content aggregator, being used by more than 50% of ABTA registered agents.


The Brief

Having previously carried out multiple successful relocations for Multicom on projects of a similar scale, they contacted Ace IT Relocation because of this previous relationship and our reputation for maintaining uptime at critical times. Informing us we were the most cost-effective solution among competitors at the same time.

The Relocation

One of our Project Managers having previously visited the collection address listed a variety of risks that would have to be managed with Multicom to ensure the collection went according to plan, as deadlines not met at this stage of a project would have a detrimental effect to business.

This highlighted a staircase leading to the data floor Multicom were located in, as maintaining uptime was of utmost important to Multicom customers the decision was made to adopt a phased approached to the relocation.

The first phase was to move 3 racks and the second to move the remaining 5 racks giving Multicom continuity throughout the project. These 2 phases were to be completed 2 days apart from each other, giving Multicom’s IT team necessary time to accommodate for the impact of a move.

Detailed move schedules were agreed and rack diagrams were designed to plan where each server would be installed back into the racks.

Ace IT Relocation offers professional services onsite depending on the customer requirements, in this case, Ace IT Relocation were requested to de-rack 91 servers in Cheltenham and re-rack them when relocated in Newport.

To ensure all equipment was transported successfully our engineers brought a portal lift to transport all flight cases down the stairs from the data floor.

2 days later we repeated this process successfully for the second phase as planned.


Knowing Multicom’s prestigious customers within the travel industry with 24-hour website sales maintaining uptime for these services was paramount. With our experience, professional engineers, and thorough project management Multicom’s customers suffered no interruption to business at any point of the project.


Ace IT Relocation – We are proud firstly that Multicom had so much confidence after previous projects that they had no hesitation in using our services again. We are also proud that a challenging move was completed without any issue.


Thank you for your services this week. I was impressed with how smoothly everything went and how professional you all were. Again. You made a difficult project a lot easier to deal with. Thanks very much.

Allan Abbey, Ops and Networks Manager at Multicom Tweet
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