The Big Word Case Study

2 Rack relocations. Verizon to Sleek Leeds

The client

The big word is a global, technology enabled language solutions provider, that delivers translation (written word) and interpreting (spoken word) services.

The big word employs 500 people based in 13 offices in 11 countries, working with more than 12,000 linguists worldwide.

At the centre of The Big Word approach is delivering customer focussed solutions, of the highest possible quality and making the global communication process smooth for over 2,500 public and private sector clients including emergency services.

The brief

When the time came to relocate 2 racks of critical server infrastructure between data centre environments, they contacted Ace IT Relocation because of our reputation for maintaining uptime at critical times.

The relocation

Although the project was a smaller scale than most, we approach every project with the same professionalism while upholding impeccable service. The 2 racks of equipment were very critical to The big word’s operations due to their vital involvement in translating emergency services 999 calls.

Detailed move schedules were agreed and rack diagrams were designed to plan where each server would be installed back into the racks.

The project had a start time of 09.00 hours on a Saturday, The big word choosing a time that was most convenient for them as we accommodate all clients understanding how stressful these projects are. All equipment was powered down by the client before we arrived onsite, our server engineers de-racked each rack mountable infrastructure from its rack. Each bit of infrastructure was expertly wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap protection to avoid static discharging and placed in custom built anti-static foam lined server flight cases. The SAN rack itself was shrink wrapped and secured in the vehicle.

The distance between the 2 sites was less than 5 miles but due to the vital stringent security processes Data Centres implement and the distance between the loading bay and the data floor this made the move more labour intensive then smaller moves. However, this was originally highlighted by project management prior to the move and was planned in appropriately on all move schedules between us and The big word. All infrastructure was re-racked in accordance with the rack diagrams provided.

Our server engineers remained onsite to support until The big word until the project was completed.

The big word have been providing clients with high quality language solutions for over 30 years. Each day they help deliver babies, save lives, support the military to protect our borders, help the police keep criminals off our streets and enable businesses to grow to their global potential.


Knowing the importance of the services Thebigword offers to not only the United Kingdom but globally, it was clear business continuity was paramount. With our experience, professional engineers and thorough project management Thebigword suffered no interruption to business at any point of the project.


Ace IT Relocation – We were honoured to be invited to work for such an important company supporting emergency services within the UK as it shows the confidence our customers have while moving such vital infrastructure.

“I’d just like to say thanks to the guys who did the move on the weekend. They were very efficient, professional and got the job completed quickly, even with the odd problem put in their way. We’d certainly use you again for any subsequent moves. Thanks again.” – Richard Wykes, Infrastructure Manager at Thebigword

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