Vodafone Case Study

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Vodafone Case Study

Multi Phased Relocation. 5 Phases Each Consisting Of 2 x 8u Cisco ASR9900

The Client

Vodafone’s one of the world’s leading mobile communications providers, operating in 26 countries and in partnership with networks in over 55 more. Across the world, Vodafone have almost 444 million customers and around 19.5 million in the UK.

Vodafone made the first ever mobile phone call on the 1st January 1985 from London to their Newbury HQ. Still located in Newbury, Vodafone now employ over 13,000 people across the UK.


The Brief

Having previously carried out a successful relocation for one of Vodafone’s partners on a project with similar requirements, they contacted Ace IT Relocation when they needed assistance because of this previous relationship and our reputation for maintaining uptime at critical times.

Also informing Ace that not charging an additional cost for an out of hours service was an important factor in choosing Ace IT Relocation.

The Relocation

Although the project was a smaller scale relocation project, we understood it was overall an important project to Vodafone, we approach every project with the same professionalism and as such assigned one of our Project Managers to oversee the project.

The scope of the project was to relocate the same devices to 5 different locations around the UK with a move planned every weekend for 5 weeks. The networking equipment started at Watford and was relocated to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Midlands and finally Bristol.

Each phase of the project had a start time of 17.30 hours on a Friday, Vodafone choosing to carry each phase out over the weekend as to limit disruption to business. All equipment was powered down by the client before Ace IT Relocation arrived onsite, our server engineers de-racked each rack mountable device from the server rack.

Each bit of network equipment was expertly wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap protection to avoid static discharging and placed in purpose built anti-static foam lined server flight cases. Ace IT Relocation’s engineers then secured each flight case with unique tamper evident seals for additional security.

Due to Ace IT Relocation’s team having to travel over 1000 miles during this project, Ace IT Relocation provided Vodafone with all the details to log on to our unique GPS tracking system present on all our vehicles for all IT Relocation and Data Centre Relocation projects.

Ace IT Relocation offers professional services onsite and was required to re-rack both devices at each location in accordance with the rack diagrams provided.

Ace IT Relocation’s engineers remained on site for all 5 phases to support Vodafone’s resources until all devices had been re-commissioned.


Knowing the importance this project was to Vodafone’s services and the customers maintaining uptime during this project was paramount.

With our experience, professional engineers and thorough project management Vodafone’s customers suffered no interruption to services at any point of the project.


Ace IT Relocation – It was a privilege to be involved with such a high-profile mobile network provider such as Vodafone.

This project just highlights the good work that our Project Managers do a challenging project was completed with ease.


This project was crucial to our long-term business plans in each area so we cannot thank Ace IT Relocation’s staff enough for your assistance. If I ever need assistance with a relocation project in the future you will be the first to know.

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