35 device internal relocation, 30 devices London to Madrid and disposal of a further 54 devices!

The Client

The Web Financial Group are a data-driven managed service solutions provider. They are the chosen advertising sales agent for more than 150 financial information websites in Germany, France, Spain and UK, Web Financial Group provides targeted, productive advertising campaigns for leading global financial institutions as well as companies from sectors like automobile, telecoms, hardware and software or luxury and beauty goods.

The Brief

Web Financial Initially approached Ace at the end of July as their lease on their current suite was due to run out at the end of August 2017. Almost 50% of the equipment was old redundant equipment that we would be required to dispose of before moving on to the slightly more testing job of relocating the remaining equipment. A further 54 devices were scheduled to be safely and securely packed and then relocated from their current set up all the way across to Web Financials main office across in Madrid for storage.

The Relocation

Three days for three services; a de-commission, consolidation and re-commission internally within the Web Financials current DC, the pack & move of servers from the UK to Madrid and the disposal of redundant IT equipment.

The first day in was a double start for the Ace team, the team first began by de-racking and securely packing all the redundant IT in two flight cases whilst the equipment waiting to be transported to Madrid was loaded in to two further flight cases. Unfortunately, Web Financial had a few issues with the remaining equipment and so Phase 3 was put on hold for the time being. In the meantime, the rest of the equipment was transported to Ace’s secure storage facility where asseting and breakdown of the redundant gear began.

Ace engineers spent the next 18 hours on the long road to Madrid before delivering Web Financials equipment to their Head Office. Several weeks, emails and phone calls later we were given the go ahead to begin the final phase. Arriving at 10AM our team of highly skilled engineers began auditing all devices, power leads and physical cable connections. By 3PM the equipment was audited and preparation work on the new rack location had begun with the pre-cabling and labelling of the environment. At 9PM when the world markets had closed the team were given the go-ahead to begin

removing and packing the devices. Two of our engineers were able to de-commission, relocate and re-commission all 35 devices by 1AM leaving us the entire morning to re-cable and prepare for go live the next morning.


Knowing it was imperative that the Web Financials IT was up and running by the following evening Ace worked through the night in order to get everything up and running. By 8am on Saturday morning Ace engineers left the facility with all devices ready to start up and ready for their customers to begin trading again the following day.


Ace IT Relocation – Were delighted to have helped facilitate the changes required to keep Web Financial up and running and able to trade. Both staff and company continue to be a pleasure to work with. Our point of contact throughout the project who had come across from Madrid, Spain was Technical Support Engineer Jaime who had the following to say:

“Well, if I can define in one word this work is “professional”. It Is amazing to see your guys labelling and inventorying everything with no fails. To see you moving everything quickly and without any hardware problems. To see after the movement that all the caballing is completely correct. Next time, if we can work with you again I don’t think that I will need to be there because I can trust all the work on you, giving you the full info before the movement. So, from my side, I just want to say “Good job!”, I hope to work with you more times in the future. “

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