To answer some of the questions you may have regarding our IT Relocation Services, we have listed some of the more common queries below.

Yes, our service includes Public Liability and Transit Insurance. Full details of our policies are available upon request. Get a FREE quote now.
Our dedicated service covers the whole of the UK and Western Europe. If you need assistance with other parts of the world please contact us to discuss your requirements. Contact us now.
  • We only use our own, vetted, technicians
  • Vehicles are fitted with alarms/immobilisers and are GPS tracked
  • Server cases can be fitted with numbered anti-tamper security tags and/or locks
  • The service is dedicated. We never carry mulitple jobs on the same vehicle and once loaded, the vehicles are NEVER left unattended.
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Absolutely. We provide a 24/7 service to ensure that we fit in with your window of downtime. Contact us now.
Well put simply… it depends. Most racks are not designed to be moved fully populated. Unless they are rated as such, due to the risk to personnel and your equipment, we insist on removing the devices from the racks prior to moving. The reasons for this are as follows:
  • Slight twisting of a rack can easily result in the rails disconnecting from the rack arms and the equipment falling in the rack.
  • The extra stresses on the rack itself may cause it to break.
  • Devices are not made to endure vertical shock.
  • The dimensions of a rack make it much more unstable if top heavy. Up to a tonne of equipment maybe in a rack with a high centre of gravity.
  • Insurance may be invalidated if the rack is not rated to be moved populated by the manufacturer as the equipment inside would not be “safely packed”.
  • Rack castors are only designed to be used to move the rack into position over short distances.
  • It is always worth considering the cost of the impact to your business in the event of damage to a rack of equipment.
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Aside from the obvious damage which may be caused to the device, if your staff use their own car, does their insurance cover them carrying your goods? In the unthinkable event of an accident, as 30kg server flying forward from the back seat is pretty dangerous. Do you really want to risk asking your staff to undertake this? We can relocate servers.
It can vary a lot depending on many different factors, for a better understanding of what’s involved and to get a quote for data center relocation services.
To plane a relocation takes time each client’s needs different, we create a bespoke plan step by step and conduct risk assessment before ethe move with following a detailed data centre migration checklist.

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