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Ace IT Relocation Ltd are specialists in the safe, secure relocation of Data Centre Hardware

A data centre relocation is an act of physically moving your existing data centre systems and servers to a new location, a different room within the existing building or a new physical address.

How much does it cost to relocate a data centre? It can vary, with a lot of options, if you want to find professional data centre relocation specialists, initially it may be a little confusing.

We will provide you with a bespoke plan with a complete breakdown of what's involved in the step-by-step process of transferring and installing your hardware in a new location while ensuring service level agreements and the performance availability of applications avoid any adverse impacts.

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The cost to move a data centre is proportional to:
  • The amount of physical hardware (per business case),
  • It is dependent on the location of your current data centre,
  • The (personnel hours) time it takes to move your IT equipment and reinstall it as well.

If you are looking around to find the right service providers in the UK that offer data centre relocation, we charge anything from £3000 to £50,000+ to move. If your company has taken a business decision to move your data centre, speak with us first: 0800 6 88 99 66

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Depending on the size of your operation, especially for international transportation (it can be involved), here are the primary steps.
  • Initial consultation,
  • Detailed planning,
  • Professional relocation,
  • Cabling and installation,
  • Checking & validation.

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It’s crucial to ensure that your business experiences minimal downtime.

We offer one of the most cohesive strategies to move your data centre to a new part of the city, country or internationally.

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For server transportation, server room relocation, data centre moves & cabling. We protect the data hardware and software during transit, carrying out the installation and cabling, together with testing in the new premises.

Our core business activities
Moving complete data centres from one building to another.
Data Centre Relocation
Individual servers de-racked & transported & re-installed.
Server Room Relocation
Moving a business's office IT from one building to another.
Office IT Relocation

Why choose professional data centre movers?

A cheap data centre relocation company may only be able to lift and shift to the new location, in some cases the worst low-quality companies will not help businesses in the UK, they will just do a poor relocation job.

When asking the question: How much do data centre movers cost? You need to be aware that we are referring to the price of relocation for “moving from A to B and reinstalling server racks, servers and cabling in the data centre, in a new location”, to better understand the question.

You are investing to make sure you have a successful data centre move for your business not just £££ on removal men and fleet of vans for transportation.

Data centre migration; server & rack relocation requires a skilled team. Understanding the responsibilities of the server relocation project manager when conducting data centre migrations is important.

At any time, moving a data centre is going to cost, how much depends on a number of factors.

This guide is to help you make sure you realise the investment required and the responsibilities of an experienced project manager, what they are undertaking and each part of the process of data centre migrations.

Project manager
A project manager and team of IT relocation specialists will ensure your company or business in London (for removals we are operating, in all UK & European Regions) experiences minimal disruption or downtime when moving office.
From moving PC/Desktop computers, office removals to a new space, to decommissioning old computer equipment, you can get in touch with us. We are the best people to talk to if you need the expertise that a professional IT relocation service can offer.
Safe hands
Mitigating any risk of tampering during transit, we transport and protect your IT and telecommunications equipment in our dedicated vehicles. Packaging hardware in custom flight cases secured with tags while in secure storage and only removed upon delivery.

Data centre relocation prices: What influences cost?

data centre migration

Data centre relocation pricing planning and budgeting.

  1. The new data centre location,
  2. Scale of the project and data centre complexity,
  3. If you need to move mission critical hardware with minimal disruption and down time.

Looking at all the above three variables our company can help you estimate how much moving to a new colocation facility should cost your business.

It varies a lot regarding data centre relocation prices in the UK & Europe, the typical amount to spend on data centre relocation can be broken down in to a simple structure.

The type of, and different levels of services offered and the averages (when calculating data centre relocation prices in the UK) you can expect to pay for data centre relocation services.

This is including pricing for:

  • resources and vehicles,
  • personnel,
  • time obligations.

Below, the prices give you an indication of costs for large and small businesses.

 Small Data Centre RelocationMedium Size Data Centre RelocationTop End Data Centre Relocation
Move from A to B and Install Rate£1,000.00 – £1,500.00£3,000.00 – £10,000.00£30,000.00 +
Time & Man Power3 – 5 hours8 – 10 hoursBespoke as required
OpinionSingle rack of servers required to be moved locally in the same town or city.A small to medium size business with a small server room full of server racks, moved in the same geographic region.For large complex enterprise data centre relocations and installation for blue chip and government organisations, nationally or internationally. We deliver results with our dedicated data centre relocation solutions.

By the hour – If you just need additional resource to for a few hours to move your server locally then this is a cost-effective way of billing for a small business. You should expect to pay a data centre relocation company around £3000 – £10,000 for a reliable team.

Large enterprise or gov organisation – Only required if you are interested in consulting to create a plan you will find our specialist team can provide a better, more comprehensive service, that is performed by the most qualified and experienced technical professionals in the industry who have years of experience.

Contact us for more information about the migration process (call our office), relocation time calculation and costs involved.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers from our dedicated experts.
  1. Is there a chance moving datacentres can significantly impact operations in the workplace or office?
  2. The methods used, are they safe and secure, with careful packing to ensure infrastructure arrives at the physical destination undamaged?
  3. Are there any risks inherent in these practices to long-term success?

Talk to our hands-on experienced migration team they will be happy to help in the implementation of your data centre relocation.

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We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with a free no obligation quote for the costs associated with your data centre relocation as soon as possible.

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A huge thanks to your team, you all did a cracking job. The fact I could send emails straight away, is testament to the quality and thoroughness of your work, and the professional way you conducted the project.
Operations Director
Thank you and your team for a professional job. Internally the move has been hailed a success, so good news all round. Thanks again.
ICT Operations Manager
Thanks to your team, the de-commission and relocation of our hardware from our UK sites was a complete success.
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