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Data Centre Relocation Project Planning

Before relocating to a new server room, data centre or colocation facility

Do you have a Data Centre relocation project plan?

From one data centre to another, or migrating from a server room to a colocation facility, can be a time consuming and complex task but sometimes its a necessity for businesses of all sizes and in various industry sectors.

As much as possible when moving, and it is imperative that your company does not lose any data and its crucial to  avoid any unplanned service outages and down time.

We advise, and work with you to deliver a bespoke data centre strategy, a framework to follow. Pinpointing key factors to be taken in to consideration to avoid hazards and disasters to mission critical infrastructure when moving.

Initially you should create a data centre or server room relocation project plan and incorporate an infrastructure planning document, this will ensure that the project is completed successfully and causes the minimal disruption to usual business activities.

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Moving complete data centres from one building to another.
Data Centre Relocation
Individual servers de-racked & transported & re-installed.
Server Room Relocation
Moving a business's office IT from one building to another.
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Critical details and considerations to be made when planning a move

There are many critical details and considerations to be made and you need to implement a process to be able to track productivity.Understanding the current status at each stage of data centre relocation project and preparing a regression plan as a contingency option, is an essential part of the relocation process.
Project manager
A project manager and team of IT relocation specialists will ensure your company or business in London (for removals we are operating, in all UK & European Regions) experiences minimal disruption or downtime when moving office.
From moving PC/Desktop computers, office removals to a new space, to decommissioning old computer equipment, you can get in touch with us. We are the best people to talk to if you need the expertise that a professional IT relocation service can offer.
Safe hands
Mitigating any risk of tampering during transit, we transport and protect your IT and telecommunications equipment in our dedicated vehicles. Packaging hardware in custom flight cases secured with tags while in secure storage and only removed upon delivery.

Physical hardware relocation

A hardware relocation involves physically moving your current data centre infrastructure to a new location, either to a different server room within the current building or to a completely new data centre.

At this initial stage, you will need to evaluate the potential new environment by looking at the new facility and the footprint size available, ventilation and power load capabilities for each rack.

You will also need to consider what cabling and ISP infrastructure may be required. Its also advisable to coordinate an entire environment shutdown process, and to consider a thorough testing plan after the physical migration.

Careful planning of a data centre relocation or server migration will reduce the risk of hardware failures and issues due to incorrect patching.

You should also make sure that all technicians have covered all risk assessments and safety concerns, this will ensure a successful move with minimal down time and disruption to critical services and usual business activities.

The type of, and different levels of services offered and the averages (when calculating data centre relocation prices in the UK) you can expect to pay for data centre relocation services.

This is including pricing for resource time obligations, below, the prices give you an indication of costs for large and small businesses.

Ace IT Relocation will ensure that the entire physical relocation process is aligned with industry best practice and encompasses many years of tried and tested processes and procedures.

All internal resource, including engineers and technicians are vetted, DBS checked and/or Security Cleared. Our fleet of vehicles are unbranded and fitted with various security and safety features, including Air Ride suspension, CCTV and GPS tracking to ensure the discreet, safe and secure movement of all types of sensitive IT infrastructure.

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A huge thanks to your team, you all did a cracking job. The fact I could send emails straight away, is testament to the quality and thoroughness of your work, and the professional way you conducted the project.
Operations Director
Thank you and your team for a professional job. Internally the move has been hailed a success, so good news all round. Thanks again.
ICT Operations Manager
Thanks to your team, the de-commission and relocation of our hardware from our UK sites was a complete success.
Service Delivery Manager

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