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Relocation Solutions for Complicated Technology

If you are moving offices, your servers need to be taken from one place to another securely, and re-installed in a new location.

If your company is taking the business decision to move to a (co-location) datacentre, you will find our years of infrastructure and smart, hands on experience and support, offer a real advantage.

We provide complete planning options, to relocate your servers from one datacentre to another, and to ensure the right match for your business needs.

Secure moving and transportation of servers, we are transport and logistics professionals. A relocation division requires scientific precision to move them, we know IT server relocation is a complicated undertaking.

For server rack moves, Ace offers server equipment relocation. If you are looking for a service provider or consulting in London, throughout the UK and Europe, let us take charge of it, for it is what we have real expertise in doing.

We are trusted server rack movers who take the physical safety and security of your servers and server hardware seriously.

Server Rack Movers

Expert Server Rack Movers…

Whatever the size or complexity of your server relocation project. We offer you a reliable, flexible, and highly secure service. You can trust us with server transportation.

Our server relocation services provide a combination of expertise and logistical abilities. No matter how complex, the services we offer, means business continuity for you, resulting in minimal downtime.

Being very knowledgeable server movers, our company has many years of experience working on different projects, Ace will allocate a dedicated project manager who will ensure that your server equipment is relocated swiftly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption and downtime.

If you are moving offices, then your servers need to be removed, securely transported, and professionally re-installed at your new location. We can move individual racks and servers or whole server rooms from one site to another when required.

Server relocation is key to the success of your business move. We know that your server and communications systems are pivotal to what you do day to day. Server relocation and transportation by specialists, we will relocate your data centre.

The relocation process involves working with you, to guarantee the perfect move anywhere in the world. Negligible interruption and downtime, helps to mitigate risk for your company’s staff and operations.

We will ensure your new location is pre-cabled before the move day. Engineers can get to work on site to make sure your server move is done in the minimum possible time, so everything is in place for when the servers arrive.

Unpacking the equipment, mounting in the racks, connecting the copper and fibre cabling, and then rebuilding your entire system. Afterwards powering-up and testing the servers before they go live is all part of the programme, planning & strategy checklist.


With Ace IT Relocation you know that your server relocation is in safe hands!

The damage to your servers, or loss of data could be crippling to your business. Careless de-racking and accidental damage in transit whilst it slides around in the back of your vehicle could end up costing you dearly.

Ace IT Relocation provide a fully insured server relocation service.

If you are relocating a single server, or transporting an entire data centre, with direct relocation (London manager) server relocations and projects for you (we have been doing so for over 10 years), your well covered.

For clients in London, moving whatever you need, be it 100’s of PC’s, printers’ scanners etc moved to a new office building, or even if it’s just your existing location re-cabled, we can get it under control.

If you are considering the consolidation of servers in a new datacentre or the redistribution of your servers, be it locally in the city metro area, nationwide, or internationally, it’s vital to conduct detailed planning.

As a top priority for every server move, we write a statement for you, as a user of our services.

Conducting a thorough review of your unique circumstances and reporting to you. We do this to identify and remove any pain points that may exist.

If you have a question just ask. We will provide you with crystal clear answers, prior to estimating, or providing you with a quote for the job.

At any rate, as a mover we will help with the development of the best solution for you.

With a total focus, we will aid and assist in moving you from your current home. To ensure the restoration of equipment so that your computer network stays online and nothing breaks.

We aim to keep the downtime between your exit, shifting, and server removal to a minimum. Our detailed planning will ensure you will not be running into any issues in your new setting.

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  • A huge thanks to your team, you all did a cracking job. The fact I could send emails straight away, is testament to the quality and thoroughness of your work, and the professional way you conducted the project

    Operations Director - HCI
  • Thank you and your team for a professional job. Internally the move has been hailed a success, so good news all round. Thanks again.

    ICT Operations Manager - HDC
  • Thanks to your team, the de-commission and relocation of our hardware from our UK sites was a complete success.

    Service Delivery Manager - TUI
  • A big thank you for assisting us with our server relocation project over the weekend. We were very impressed with the flexibility to changes on the day, and have no hesitation using Ace IT Relocation in the future.

    IT Director - MJG